About Us

Hi there, Hannah here. I just wanted to explain bit about my story and creating Silkland Marketing. 

It began as a way for me to better use my skills and knowledge by selling them as a service. And that was it. I just wanted a good income doing something I am familiar with. 

But now it has turned into something amazing. Something I love and something I am completely passionate about. Something I can grow with and never stop learning more from. 

Silkland Marketing allows me to do something I never thought about when I initially started. I never imagined that I would one day help people fulfill their dreams and live their dream lives. I never thought I could help someone quit their terrible job and turn their side business into a full time business. I never thought I would be taking loads of stress off of business owners' backs and delivering a service they come to care so much for. 

I won't lie. Before it was about design. It was about creating a pretty website. But as I've grown, I've been investing in learning more and more ways to get crazy incomparable results for my clients. I work like no one else because that is all I want now with each new project. I seek results and happiness. 

It has been the twists and turns in this journey that have been so amazing and rewarding. Every new client is a joy to have. Working on such a diverse number of sites, I get new experiences, new challenges, and new understanding of the different difficulties every business owner faces. Which of course allows me to adapt and create new innovative ways to help streamline their business processes. 

But that's what you get with Silkland Marketing. I work to be the outlier in this industry. If nothing else, I want people to know that I care immensely about every new client I take on and I put passion and intense focus into helping them maximize their potential through the use of digital marketing. 

So that's my little spiel. 

If you are in need of big changes in your business and you have decided to let someone handle the stuff you shouldn't be wasting time on like web design and marketing, click the button below to get started with me today.